A Flock of Swans

Since moving to what can be considered the side of the river Great Ouse (I’m in a marina, just off the river), I’ve seen swans. Every day, a flock of swans appear by the slipway at Waterside (though in truth, there are only a handful). They are there, waiting for tourists to feed them. The feeders are rewarded with waddling hulks of bird within arms length. Occasionally, a glide by in the river itself.

So, I’ve bee trying to capture the essence of a swan in a photograph. It’s early days yet but some of my attempts are up on murpworkschrome.

I initially started photographing in colour but I feel my best effort so far has been in B+W. See what you think, I’m posting the best image from several separate attempts here.

murpworkschrome - light on a lens -
Taken from my first attempt in Swan 2022 at murpworkschrome – I feel colour works here
From Swan I 2022 at murpworkschrome – Colour but maybe B+W would have been better to ‘abstract’ the shape
Swapping to black and white from Swan 2022 at murpworkschrome – B+W and beautiful but the top of the image distracts
The latest from Single Swan 2022 at murpworkschrome – B+W and getting there…

I’ll keep on the look out for a flock of swans in future, whilst trying to capture the essence of these magnificent birds.

Peace and photography


Marina in the Mist

A first real treat of the experiencing the marina in the mist here in Ely. It took me straight back to A Misty Morning used in the Contact Card post. There was an ethereal feel, just like before. I find I really like the indistinct. I think it’s the idea that a thing has the possibility be something else. There is mystery.

From a photographic perspective, it provides great opportunities for mood. The autofocus hunts at times, depending upon the thickness of the mist or fog but it worked in most cases. Manually focussing is always a solution.

I was using my newly obtained, old Fujifilm XPRO1 with its new 50mm lens. It captured the images in black and white just how I wanted them to be.

Here’s one of four photographs I took

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Mist on the Marina - Marina in the Mist III B+W image

See the marina in the mist photo’s at murpworkschrome.

Peace and photography


Ely Cathedral

Ely is famous for several things but one of the main ones is: its cathedral.

Founded in 672, it stands atop a hill in the flat landscape of Cambridgeshire. It has been likened to a ship: The Ship of the Fens. I see it every day and it stone pervades any walk I take around the small city.

Initially, I photographed in the cathedral in colour. This is my second attempt at capturing something of the majesty of the building, this time in black and white.

The following photograph was taken on a walk, back from the garage (had to take the car in for some work) and it’s the one I really like.

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Ely Cathedral V image

Go to murpworkschrome to see further images of the walk’s Ely cathedral.

Peace and photography


The Old Boat Lift

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - The Old Boat Lift - Old Boat Lift V sml image

A lot of boats of varying sizes can be found on the river Great Ouse. The river is serviced by the Cathedral Marina, Waterside in Ely. It provides the facility to lift boats out of the water and does this via a boat lift. It is basically a metal frame, with straps that can be placed underneath a boat, and the boat lifted out of the water.

The marina has a fixed boat lift that faces onto the Great Ouse. However, around the back, it has an older, movable lift. This is (or was) basically a large wheeled crane, which presumably used similar straps to the fixed boat lift.

It sits out of the way and provides a looming presence but one of old power, waning…

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - The Old Boat Lift - Old Boat Lift V image

Go to murpworkschrome for three further images.

Peace and photography


Birdcage Black and White

murpworkschrome - Birdcage Black and White - birdcage I BW image

I walked past The Birdcage and took this black and white photograph.

The Birdcage is now closed but was a Bar/small Club in Norwich. I went once, quite awhile ago now, when it was open and sat on the floor, in the back room. The beer was good.

I love the style of architecture, metal windows, rounded walls and I just really hope it doesn’t go to rack and ruin, and get pulled down. It deserves so much better.

Take a look at murpworkschrome for two more images of this enigmatic building. I will return and try and do it justice in the near future – more Birdcage in black and white…

Peace and photography