A Flock of Swans

Since moving to what can be considered the side of the river Great Ouse (I’m in a marina, just off the river), I’ve seen swans. Every day, a flock of swans appear by the slipway at Waterside (though in truth, there are only a handful). They are there, waiting for tourists to feed them. The feeders are rewarded with waddling hulks of bird within arms length. Occasionally, a glide by in the river itself.

So, I’ve bee trying to capture the essence of a swan in a photograph. It’s early days yet but some of my attempts are up on murpworkschrome.

I initially started photographing in colour but I feel my best effort so far has been in B+W. See what you think, I’m posting the best image from several separate attempts here.

murpworkschrome - light on a lens -
Taken from my first attempt in Swan 2022 at murpworkschrome – I feel colour works here
From Swan I 2022 at murpworkschrome – Colour but maybe B+W would have been better to ‘abstract’ the shape
Swapping to black and white from Swan 2022 at murpworkschrome – B+W and beautiful but the top of the image distracts
The latest from Single Swan 2022 at murpworkschrome – B+W and getting there…

I’ll keep on the look out for a flock of swans in future, whilst trying to capture the essence of these magnificent birds.

Peace and photography


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