Marina in the Mist

A first real treat of the experiencing the marina in the mist here in Ely. It took me straight back to A Misty Morning used in the Contact Card post. There was an ethereal feel, just like before. I find I really like the indistinct. I think it’s the idea that a thing has the possibility be something else. There is mystery.

From a photographic perspective, it provides great opportunities for mood. The autofocus hunts at times, depending upon the thickness of the mist or fog but it worked in most cases. Manually focussing is always a solution.

I was using my newly obtained, old Fujifilm XPRO1 with its new 50mm lens. It captured the images in black and white just how I wanted them to be.

Here’s one of four photographs I took

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Mist on the Marina - Marina in the Mist III B+W image

See the marina in the mist photo’s at murpworkschrome.

Peace and photography


Cawdle Fen

A short walk to Cawdle Fen on the 4th March 2022.

Cawdle Fen is situated just outside of the city of Ely. It is a drainage board for the surrounding area, taking rainwater from the higher area, into the river Great Ouse.

This was a first walk I took, in which to photograph. It had been raining slightly and this provided a doomy, moody feel.

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Between Two Boats image
Between Two Boats
murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Fence  image
“You’re Going the Wrong Way!”
murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Cawdle Fen - A Cut in the Landscape image
A Cut in the Landscape
murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Cawdle Fen - The Curve image
The Curve
murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Tracks image
murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Cawdle Fen - To the Bridge image
To the Bridge
murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Cawdle Fen - Passing... image

I’ve added the best images of this day to murpworkschrome here and here.

Peace and photography


Avebury in April

I took these photographs in Avebury back in April 2018. A very different approach was taken to each photograph but it is the land that pulls them together as a cohesive whole. I have visited here, many times with mu and we always find it a special place to spend time. The history is palpable. This Avebury in April showed a stark landscape brought about by the clouds that hung ominously, but didn’t rain.

Avebury in April - Branches image
Discarded branches at the approach to the path, across from the stone circle. The path runs along side the stream, in front of Silbury Hill.

Avebury in April - Rolling Hill image
Rolling Hill
A rolling hill, to the left as you walk toward Silbury Hill and on further, to West Kennet Long Barrow.

Avebury in April - Stream at Silbury Hill
Stream at Silbury Hill
The stream that runs at the foot of Silbury Hill was in full flow with clear cold water.

Avebury in April - Silbury Hill BW image
Silbury Hill
Silbury Hill. A man-made hill in the prehistoric landscape.

Peace and photography


Snow Garden Photography

The building of Snow Garden

The Building of Snow Garden image

The snow came this year. Most years, down here in Wiltshire, we seem to be sheltered from the worst of the weather that affects more exposed areas. It was the combination of the Beast from the East and Hurricane Emma meeting, that dumped a thick white blanket. It caused chaos for 48 hours; blocking roads, closing railways lines and stations and grounding planes at airports across Britain.

Meanwhile, in a small village just off the Western edge of Salisbury Plain, I was given the opportunity to capture one of my favourite photographs to date.

Snow Garden image
Snow Garden


Snow Garden

Continuing the theme of Snow Garden, after the snow had fallen and lain in the grip of cold, I captured more shots in the garden.

I used the Creamtone B+W Preset in Lightwave to process these images and it gave them the feel I was looking for.



Peace and photogrpahy



Cold Frost Morning – travelling by train

A Cold Frost Morning, travelling by train, looking out of the window as the day breaks from the iron grip of the cold

Cold Frost Morning II image
Cold Frost Morning


Cold Frost Morning

Travelling from Warminster to Bristol Temple Meads. At this time of year, the sun is still rising as I make the journey but all too soon, it will be bright and it will be impossible to grab such muted tones…



Looking back to last September, the morning journey was bright and the action of the morning seemed emphasized. In February, it struggles to start. The contrast is stark.

Images captured on a Google Pixel 2. I think the slight reflections of the train window add to the mood, rather than detract as imperfect photography.


Peace and photography


From the Foot of Glastonbury Tor

Photograph from the foot of Glastonbury Tor

Winter Tor IV B+W image


Taken on 27 January 2018 at 16:38 on Google Pixel 2.

The gritty Winter’s day led me to manipulate this photogrpah from its original colour, into Black + White. Glastonbury Tor is iconic. It stands proud above the Somerset landscape as a beacon to anyone who looks at the world differently. It is a mixture of myth, magnificence, nature and man.

This won’t be the last time I will photograph the Tor.


Peace and photogrpahy



End of a Year Photograph

End of a Year on the Kennett and Avon

End of a Year (portrait) image

I took this photograph at the side of the Kennet and Avon Canal, outside Bradford-On-Avon, in Wiltshire on 31 December 2017.

End of a Year – blog

This photograph is a Portrait version of a photograph I also took in Landscape format. I used the Landscape version, where I manipulated the colour, for the header to the Tales from the Bilge blog.

The blog is about us buying a narrowboat and moving to liveaboard and all that entails. There’s a serenity on a canal that I’ve yet to find anywhere else. You are spiritually away from the world. While this photograph captures nature, the telephone lines show that you’re never physically far away from ‘civilisation’.

Taken on a Google Pixel 2.


Peace and photography