Cold Frost Morning – travelling by train

A Cold Frost Morning, travelling by train, looking out of the window as the day breaks from the iron grip of the cold

Cold Frost Morning II image
Cold Frost Morning


Cold Frost Morning

Travelling from Warminster to Bristol Temple Meads. At this time of year, the sun is still rising as I make the journey but all too soon, it will be bright and it will be impossible to grab such muted tones…



Looking back to last September, the morning journey was bright and the action of the morning seemed emphasized. In February, it struggles to start. The contrast is stark.

Images captured on a Google Pixel 2. I think the slight reflections of the train window add to the mood, rather than detract as imperfect photography.


Peace and photography


Beer – East Devon

29 July 2017

Went to Beer¬†in East Devon for the first time, a village on the East Devon coast. The weather gave heavy skies and a fine rain pervaded the day but it was perfect for walking…

Beer, East Devon image


Beer, East Devon image


Up onto Beer Head and walking over the South West Coast Path, toward Branscome

Beer Head View I (Beer, East Devon) image


The path puts you right in touch with the environment at times…

Beer Head View IV (Beer, East Devon) image


Beer Head View VI (Beer, East Devon) image


Peace and Photography (Beer, East Devon) image

Peace & Photography