Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - shoes image

I’ve been ‘Finding my Feet’ with the Ricoh GR III. Changing between Multi-segment / Center-weighted / Spot and using the Positive Film pre-set has given me a bit of an insight. Some initial RAW file manipulation to see what can and can’t be done. Normally, I’m reticent to start with but I wanted to jump in with this camera.

An overcast day with interesting architecture.

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Northampton - Cultural Quarter image
Northampton – Cultural Quarter (RAW)
murpworks - murpworkschrome - Northampton - Cultural Quarter image
Northampton – Cultural Quarter (RAW)

Almost Art Deco steps around the side of a small block of flats.

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Norwich - Steps in shade I image
Norwich – Steps in shade (RAW)
murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Norwich - Steps in shade II image
Norwich – Steps in shade (RAW)

A walk around some streets in Norwich.

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Norwich - Garage doors image
Norwich – Garage doors (Positive Film)
murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Norwich - Wall in shade image
Norwich – Wall in shade (Positive Film)
murpworks - murpworkschrome - Norwich - Kofra - Onley Street image
Norwich – Kofra, Onley Street (Positive Film)

Must get better – but I’m still finding my feet with the Ricoh GR III…

Peace and photography


A First Few Photographs

I took a first few photographs with my new Ricoh GR III camera yesterday.

I went into Northampton as lock down easing is in place. It was mid-morning and the sun was out but I hadn’t planned on going specifically to photograph. I found an out of the way location, en route to Yellow Bourbon Coffee Roasters. Everything is still pretty quiet at the moment. It was nice to be out in amongst buildings & shops.

murpworks - murpworkschrome - A First Few Photographs - Street I image
The Location
murpworks - murpworkschrome - A First Few Photographs - Street III image
Stand and Wait
murpworks - murpworkschrome - A First Few Photographs - YBCR I image
Waiting to Enter

I’ll be returning to Yellow Bourbon for more coffee as it was excellent and the knowledgeable Barista meant I can choose some beans next time..

You can see the best two photographs I obtained here and here

I’m really, really pleased with the Ricoh GR III but it’s early days and I’m still getting to know it. I post processed the above (and linked) images as I was using the Standard JPEG pre-set but I’m now exploring the Positive Film pre-set.

Peace and photography


One last 11 Shot

OK, so I said in A New Beginning “…my iPhone 11 but I look to leave this behind and use the GR II exclusively.” but I thought I’d post this one last shot. Well two, actually.

The reason for this is that it is one of those shots where I can’t decide whether it should be in colour or monochrome. So I’m posting both – Street Lines in the Wet

Colour Image

murpworks - murpworkschrome - One last 11 Shot - Street Lines in the Wet colour image

Black and White Image

murpworks - murpworkschrome - One last 11 Shot - Street Lines in the Wet black and white image

The colour image carries important information as it shows the yellow of the line marking and immediately triggers a recognition. The black and white image gives a graphically strong message. The lines being white could work as white lines are used in this context. So, although not conveying the same information as the colour image, it works visually.

I can’t decide between the two. A dilemma for One last 11 Shot.

Peace and photography


A New Beginning

murpworks - murpworkschrome - A New Beginning - Ricoh GR III with manual image

Today was a new beginning, I received my new camera – the Ricoh GR III Compact camera. Released in 2019, it has an APS-C image sensor of 24 megapixels. Ricoh billed it as “The ultimate snapshot camera for the times”. It has a lack of anti-aliasing filter, it has touch focus and a newly designed lens. Therefore, it provides ability in an extremely small package.

I know it will provide me with what I need to be more productive and creative. I can’t wait to get started with it. I’ve charged the battery, formatted the memory card and now, I just have to update the firmware and I’ll be ready to start with a beginner’s mind.

Here are my unboxing photos

murpworks - murpworkschrome - A New Beginning - Ricoh GR III box image
murpworks - murpworkschrome - A New Beginning - Ricoh GR III open box image
murpworks - murpworkschrome - A New Beginning - Ricoh GR III in boc image
murpworks - murpworkschrome - A New Beginning - Ricoh GR III image

Daido Moriyama used a Ricoh GR film camera to develop his body of work and used the GR III more recently The “Near Equal Moriyama Daido” post hosts an excellent video into the photographer.

I took the above photos with my iPhone 11 but I look to leave this behind and use the GR II exclusively.

Follow me on a new beginning in my photography at murpworkschrome and here in the Light on a Lens blog.

Peace and photography


Update – Reset – Begin Again

It’s been so and too long since I updated this blog. There’s no excuse. So, there is only one thing to do – Update, reset and begin again.

I nearly lost the murpworkschrome domain but managed to resurrect it, phoenix-like, from the ashes of letting it go. However, I’m back, with renewed vigour.

My Instagram account has grown fatter. I’m happy with a fair few of the photographs taken but I got lazy. Nearly all were taken with my iPhone. I want to do more than this so I’m buying a Ricoh GR III. I walk around and take photographs. If I don’t have to take a camera bag (I have two) then that is good. I don’t want people thinking I’m a photographer. The GR III gives me the ability to replace my smartphone with a smart camera. I want point and shoot intelligence and I think the GR III can give me this.


The latest photographs I took were the other day, driven by the lockdown / Covid-19 affected times

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Update - Reset - Begin Again - Drive Thru I B+W image
murpworks - murpworkschrome - Update - Reset - Begin Again - Drive Thru II B+W image

It’s one of the few things you can do!

Today however, it snowed! Now it’s brilliant sun. Once again, constrained by the viral climate, I’m confined to a small area of excursion

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Update - Reset - Begin Again - Railway Fence image
Railway Fence I
Railway Fence VI

I update, reset and begin again…

Peace and photography



murpworkschrome logo

murpworkschrome is my new website and all my photography will be posted there. It will be my repository for my best work. So, visit it for monochrome, chrome, available light, nature, landscape, urban…

I’ve split it into two distinct streams so you can chose between

  • Black and white photography – monochrome
  • Colour photography – chrome

Photography inspired by the world around me.

Peace and photography


Bristol Street – Arnolfini

Bristol Street - Arnolfini image

Bristol Street – Arnolfini. I visited the Arnolfini museum with mu but unfortunately, it was closed for some kind of refurbishment. The steps that would normally lead us up to exhibition space were to the left.

As there were very few people, this space opened up an opportunity and the light bleeding in from the doorway was cold, Winter light. It contrasted well with the vibrant vertical strip light. I’m really pleased with the copper-coloured pillar that is echoed in the lights across the harbour.

I’m really pleased with this photograph as it captures some of the essence of Street Photography. I feel it’s also one where colour is a strength and adds to the image, developing the narrative; cool, emphasizing a Winter’s day but contrasting with the vivid colour that is an integral part of the Museum.

I shall return to the Arnolfini and capture more images in the near future, no doubt with different lighting, as the days lengthen and Spring, then Summer arrive.

Peace and photography


Avebury in April

I took these photographs in Avebury back in April 2018. A very different approach was taken to each photograph but it is the land that pulls them together as a cohesive whole. I have visited here, many times with mu and we always find it a special place to spend time. The history is palpable. This Avebury in April showed a stark landscape brought about by the clouds that hung ominously, but didn’t rain.

Avebury in April - Branches image
Discarded branches at the approach to the path, across from the stone circle. The path runs along side the stream, in front of Silbury Hill.

Avebury in April - Rolling Hill image
Rolling Hill
A rolling hill, to the left as you walk toward Silbury Hill and on further, to West Kennet Long Barrow.

Avebury in April - Stream at Silbury Hill
Stream at Silbury Hill
The stream that runs at the foot of Silbury Hill was in full flow with clear cold water.

Avebury in April - Silbury Hill BW image
Silbury Hill
Silbury Hill. A man-made hill in the prehistoric landscape.

Peace and photography


I traded in and Bought a New Camera

I traded in and bought a new camera

You Did What?

Yesterday, I traded in my Fujifilm X100F APSC sensor, fixed 23mm lens camera and am awaiting arrival of a Sony A7 III Full Frame sensor with Sony FE 24-105 F4 G OSS lens. I got a good deal at Jessops and this helped with the choice of lens.

New Camera - fujifilm X100F sq image

Bye 🙁

My decision was not because I was dissatisfied with the X100F. The Fuji is a great camera, excellent quality in image and build – it took beautiful pictures. It’s small form factor meant it could be taken anywhere and, as everyone acknowledges; it’s a great street camera.

However, mu and I are moving onto a narrowboat and narrowboats use canals; not streets or roads (“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.“).

A New Camera – Video-a-go-go

I want to develop videography alongside my photography. The plan is to provide a documentary of our life on the canals and also capture the uniqueness of this environment; with murpworks Afloat.

Many people are developing excellent YouTube channels of their life and times on the canals, for example; Country House Gent, Robbie Cumming , Boatman Benjamin and Ben & Emelie’s Captains Vloggs but I want to take this in a different direction. One which will hopefully compliment these existing channels. I see the documentary parts being a more POV, rather than self-filming. I also want to incorporate filmic elements in its approach & feel.

To this end, the X100F was not a video camera. It can film in HD and it can use the film simulations that Fuji are rightly acclaimed for but looking to the future, 4K is the future. 4K is the future that is, until 8K trickles down the food chain and…

But You Got Rid of the Fuji!

In an ideal world, I would have kept the Fuji but in the real world; both financially (I don’t have the money) and spacially (I won’t have the space), I couldn’t. The Google Pixel 2 satisfies my Instagram quick upload capability and easily allows me to take a picture a day, manipulate it in phone (via VSCO) and post it.

My Nikon Df is a beauty to behold and I will use this; with the 20mm lens for Lanscapes and the 50mm for everyday.

The Sony will be for video.


Why the A7 III? For its video capability at the pricepoint. Lots of people helped with the decision; people who I’d never met or seen before, in the form of YouTube.

Of note are

Sony play in the video space with a lot of expertise there and I feel this 3rd generation camera will give me what I want. I was originally seduced by the pull of Cinema cameras like the Canon C100 (I couldn’t even afford to look at the C100 II) but at this level, it’s not just the camera, it’s the ecosystem you have to build for it to work – it ain’t cheap!

Obviously, there are better cameras out there for video/film, it would be ridiculous to think otherwise but as everyone is saying about Sony; “At that pricepoint, man!”.

I have the luxury (OK lack of funds) of not having a heavy investment in glass, so this makes me agile. This agility let me take advantage of Jessops‘ short term greater trade in deal and get in at the beginning of a new camera and a new lens. This hopefully means they each have a lifespan.

Agility is good.


Does this mean I’m now a Sony Fanboy?

To be fair

  • Owned a Sony Trinitron portable TV for over two decades
  • I also had the White Widescreen TV (when we had a bigger house to house it) for well over a decade
  • Own a PS4 which I’ve had from new
  • I’ve got a Sony Bravia HD TV thats well over a decade old and shows no sign of flagging
  • Other…

Never had a problem with any of these Sony products. They were/are reliable, good quality items.

There is always risk jumping in at the very beginning i.e. still waiting for A7 III to be released but I’m confident that this 3rd Generation won’t fail me.

And Finally

Finally, it’s a fast moving future

  • There will be the Sony A7S III out this year. It will have better video specs. The trouble is, I would be able to purchase it but wouldn’t be able to afford any lens to go with it
  • Nikon will release a Mirrorless camera. It will be very good. It will be expensive. I wouldn’t be able to afford a good lens for it
  • Canon will release a Mirrorless camera. It will be very good. It will be expensive.
  • I wouldn’t be able to afford a good lens for it

It’s been said before; “It’s that pricepoint!”

Sony A7 III image c93479dc87941b0d9c410abb25ca3dfa

Image from


Peace and photography (/videography)