Ely Cathedral

Ely is famous for several things but one of the main ones is: its cathedral.

Founded in 672, it stands atop a hill in the flat landscape of Cambridgeshire. It has been likened to a ship: The Ship of the Fens. I see it every day and it stone pervades any walk I take around the small city.

Initially, I photographed in the cathedral in colour. This is my second attempt at capturing something of the majesty of the building, this time in black and white.

The following photograph was taken on a walk, back from the garage (had to take the car in for some work) and it’s the one I really like.

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Ely Cathedral V image

Go to murpworkschrome to see further images of the walk’s Ely cathedral.

Peace and photography


Corridors in Black and White

Corridors in Black and White initially started out with the idea of a series of photographs of corridors, in colour. It started here. However, it became apparent that some just worked better in black and white. So, under the monochrome stream, Corridors BW has started.

Both have a long way to go before I’ll be really happy with either of them. I feel they are pretty perfunctory so far. But, I’m showing my working out as it were as I think it will help me along the way.

This image is starting to get to somewhere near what I envisioned

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Corridors in Black and White image

Peace and photography


Birdcage Black and White

murpworkschrome - Birdcage Black and White - birdcage I BW image

I walked past The Birdcage and took this black and white photograph.

The Birdcage is now closed but was a Bar/small Club in Norwich. I went once, quite awhile ago now, when it was open and sat on the floor, in the back room. The beer was good.

I love the style of architecture, metal windows, rounded walls and I just really hope it doesn’t go to rack and ruin, and get pulled down. It deserves so much better.

Take a look at murpworkschrome for two more images of this enigmatic building. I will return and try and do it justice in the near future – more Birdcage in black and white…

Peace and photography


Ely Cathedral Photograph

My Ely cathedral photograph – the cathedral must have been photographed millions if not multiple millions of times, like many other sites of interest; in Britain and around the world. So, with that said, how do you take a photograph and make the subject look different, or fresh or up to date?

I approached this from the perspective of, a forced perspective.

murpworkschrome - Ely Cathedral - Ely Cathedral I image
Taken with Fujifilm X100V using Classic Chrome film simulation (post-processed)

The cathedral is imposing and one thing that people do when they visit is look up. Driving toward Ely, the cathedral presents itself, in its entirety but from a distance, its true nature is not revealed. It’s only when up close that the vast stone building shows its splendour. However, up close when having approached from High Street, the human eye cannot take in the whole. And, while the walls of cream stone are interesting, especially as some have stood since 672 AD, looking up to one of the two towers is a natural thing to do.

So, I’ve added to the millions of photos of another site of interest. I like to think my Ely cathedral photograph of the West Tower as a positive addition.

murpworkschrome - Ely Cathedral - Ely Cathedral II image

Peace and photography


Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - shoes image

I’ve been ‘Finding my Feet’ with the Ricoh GR III. Changing between Multi-segment / Center-weighted / Spot and using the Positive Film pre-set has given me a bit of an insight. Some initial RAW file manipulation to see what can and can’t be done. Normally, I’m reticent to start with but I wanted to jump in with this camera.

An overcast day with interesting architecture.

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Northampton - Cultural Quarter image
Northampton – Cultural Quarter (RAW)
murpworks - murpworkschrome - Northampton - Cultural Quarter image
Northampton – Cultural Quarter (RAW)

Almost Art Deco steps around the side of a small block of flats.

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Norwich - Steps in shade I image
Norwich – Steps in shade (RAW)
murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Norwich - Steps in shade II image
Norwich – Steps in shade (RAW)

A walk around some streets in Norwich.

murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Norwich - Garage doors image
Norwich – Garage doors (Positive Film)
murpworks - murpworkschrome - Finding my Feet with the Ricoh GR III - Norwich - Wall in shade image
Norwich – Wall in shade (Positive Film)
murpworks - murpworkschrome - Norwich - Kofra - Onley Street image
Norwich – Kofra, Onley Street (Positive Film)

Must get better – but I’m still finding my feet with the Ricoh GR III…

Peace and photography


The Steps Upto a Door

The steps upto a door is a re-visit of a photograph I took last year

Steps Upto a Door image

I always see steps leading upto somewhere rather than down-from.


A Little Bit of Le Corbusier

These are in the Three Horseshoes Walk precinct in Warminster, Wiltshire. They are very utilitarian and unadorned, they conjure up thoughts of Le Corbusier, passing through and thinking “That wall’s a bit bare, I could spruce it up a bit. I know, a series of steps…”. He then moved on to some big commission for an important client, in some perfect setting, feeling like he’d put something back into the community.

When seen in context, below it looks as if you could pick them up and move them or even some kind of plain Trompe L’oeil

Steps Upto a Door I image


Peace and phoptography


Sometimes You Just Need a Mistake

Sometimes you just need a mistake…

Mistake - Light Writing image

Tithe Barn

I took this photograph in Bradford-on-Avon Tithe Barn on 16 December 2017 and even though it was during the day, it was dark. Movement, coupled with lack of light produced the above image.

The Tithe barn backs onto the Kennett and Avon Canal and it was against the wall that runs around the barn. It was on the towpath side that the Floating Christmas Market was held (see my Tales from the Bilge blog post).


Less of a Mistake

The actual photo I was trying to get looked more like this

Tithe Barn


However, I think the following Black & White image captures the feel of the place on the day best. I love the sword-shaped window, hanging Damoclean against the far wall.

Tithe Barn a B+W image


Peace and photogrpahy


Architectural Feel

I took these photographs on the way to and from work. Each have architecture as the subject but each very different. They show the diversity of styles that a City can house.

Pillar - University of Law image
Pillar of Law


Archway image
‘Scandinavian’ Archway


Almost Bauhaus - colour image
Almost Bauhaus


Shadowed Concrete and Glass image
Shadow on Concrete and Glass

Although each image is very unique and different, they form a cohesive whole that is Bristol.


Peace and photography