Norwich Market

Back on the 12 February I was in Norwich and found myself at Norwich Market Square.

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Norwich Market - Norwich Market II image

Norwich is famous for many things; mustard, Alan Partridge, The Canaries and I would argue, its market. The striped, coloured canopies of the permanent market stalls are instantly recognisable.

It was a sunny day, cold and fresh and the stark contrast of market stall roofs to shadows was interesting.

Some of the images

murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Norwich Market - Norwich Market II image
murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Norwich Market - Norwich Market V image
murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Norwich Market - Norwich Market VI image
murpworkschrome - light on a lens - Norwich Market - Norwich Market I image

You can see what I considered my best image captured at murpworkschrome

Peace and photography


A Boat Lift Light

murpworkschrome - A Boat Lift Light - Reflection Across the Water I image

A boat lift light shines out denoting the endmost point of a metal structure that dominates the marina. The industrial structure is a simple affair of straps, that can hoist a boat out of the river for servicing. The light is bright but in a wintery evening in February. However, there is very little need to illuminate the lifting of any boat.

It does however present a light source for low light photography.

I captured a minimalist picture of the light from the marina side. Then, after a short walk, a reflection of light across the water. Both from the same boat lift light source.

I like this opportunity to approach the subject from two opposing angles. It’s something to look out for in the future…

Peace and photography


Neon Sign – Good Vibes

murpworkschrome - Neon Sign - Good Vibes - Good Vibes II iamge

I had passed the neon sign – Good Vibes several times before I actually photographed it. It resides in a male hairdressers, in Norwich.

There’s something about a neon sign. They are old technology yet for me, they always manage to convey something very modern. A glass tube, housing a noble gas, through which a voltage is passed and depending upon the gas, a colour is produced. neon is the classical glass but neon is a ‘cover-all’ name for various types of glass tube lighting, using different types of gas.

The resultant glowing 3-D light seems so much more alive that a simple 2-D painted sign.

I want to return and photograph this sign, purposefully in black and white. Although colour is a very big part of neon’s reason for being (although there are ‘white’ ‘neon’ signs), I think the gaseous nature of the glow will work well in monochrome.

I also have my eye on another neon sign, in the same street so look out for that one in the near future. This is the beauty of wandering the streets, there is always something to find and return back for.

Take a look at murpworkschrome to see a the neon sign Good Vibes ‘colour’ photographs I captured…

Peace and photography


Street Lit

murpworkschrome - Street Lit - Inviting crop image

Street Lit – I took a short walk the other evening, it was the night of the first of two storms. Nothing had really started in earnest, there was some wind but nothing in the ‘storm’ category. I did avoid a large tree, which I had seen a large branch down from it, a couple of months ago.

It wasn’t long before a little rain started. This was a good first test of my Fujifilm X100V and its ‘weather sealing’ (the full weather sealing requires and filter for the front of the lens, which I purchased, when I got the camera). All worked perfectly well.

I had an idea of a photograph I wanted to take before I set out. It turned out as I had envisioned it and it wasn’t long before a couple more opportunities had presented themselves.

I didn’t intend to spend a lot of time out and didn’t need to, as I was pleased with the results. The image below is a building I pass most morning when I walk up, into Ely to get a cup of coffee from Silver Oak Coffee. Pleasing during the day, it looked spectacular at night

murpworkschrome - Street Lit - Inviting image

If you like the above image, take a look at murpworkschrome – monochrome – really pleased with ‘Street Lit Window’.

Peace and photography


Winter Sunset

murpworkschrome - Winter Sunset - Sunset I crop image

Here in Winter, just shy of latitude 52.398056, it may not be the coldest place in the world but it is cold and the only thing that mitigates it is a beautiful Winter sunset.

The second of February brought wondrous skies and set against the backdrop of the river Great Ouse, I managed to capture something. Orange gave way to magenta in a spectacular fashion…

murpworkschrome - Winter Sunset - Sunset I image
murpworkschrome - Winter Sunset - Sunset VIII image

I’m still finding my way around the Fujifilm X100V but I managed to capture what I wanted; a feel for the Winter sunset. Head on over to murpworkschrome to see more images from the evening. Let me know which one you like best.

Peace and photography


Ely Cathedral Photograph

My Ely cathedral photograph – the cathedral must have been photographed millions if not multiple millions of times, like many other sites of interest; in Britain and around the world. So, with that said, how do you take a photograph and make the subject look different, or fresh or up to date?

I approached this from the perspective of, a forced perspective.

murpworkschrome - Ely Cathedral - Ely Cathedral I image
Taken with Fujifilm X100V using Classic Chrome film simulation (post-processed)

The cathedral is imposing and one thing that people do when they visit is look up. Driving toward Ely, the cathedral presents itself, in its entirety but from a distance, its true nature is not revealed. It’s only when up close that the vast stone building shows its splendour. However, up close when having approached from High Street, the human eye cannot take in the whole. And, while the walls of cream stone are interesting, especially as some have stood since 672 AD, looking up to one of the two towers is a natural thing to do.

So, I’ve added to the millions of photos of another site of interest. I like to think my Ely cathedral photograph of the West Tower as a positive addition.

murpworkschrome - Ely Cathedral - Ely Cathedral II image

Peace and photography



murpworkschrome - boat - GRP Cruiser Boat crop image

I live on a boat. A narrowboat called Silverdale to be precise, along with mu. We float on water and there are boats are all around us. The marina, we live on, just off the River Great Ouse has Narrowboats, GRP Cruisers, a tug, and a working boat with a dredging device for cutting down weed. There are also rowing boats several times a week as the local school and Cambridge University have rowing clubs located here.

It’s currently Winter, so there is little movement. Many of the Cruiser-style boats have been lifted out of the water to prevent damage from ice. They are placed upon blocks and sitting upon the grass around the marina, echoing the ducks and swans, doing the same.

I’ve just started to appreciate the unique nature of the place. I need to make more of the opportunity and take more photographs of boats. At this time of year, I’m normally walking head down, against the biting cold wind. Then, occasionally, the sun comes out and if feels a little less like the inside of a fridge. With my latest camera: Fujifilm X100V, I take a picture.

murpworkschrome - boat - GRP Cruiser Boat image

Hopefully the first of many.

Peace and photography