Neon Sign – Good Vibes

murpworkschrome - Neon Sign - Good Vibes - Good Vibes II iamge

I had passed the neon sign – Good Vibes several times before I actually photographed it. It resides in a male hairdressers, in Norwich.

There’s something about a neon sign. They are old technology yet for me, they always manage to convey something very modern. A glass tube, housing a noble gas, through which a voltage is passed and depending upon the gas, a colour is produced. neon is the classical glass but neon is a ‘cover-all’ name for various types of glass tube lighting, using different types of gas.

The resultant glowing 3-D light seems so much more alive that a simple 2-D painted sign.

I want to return and photograph this sign, purposefully in black and white. Although colour is a very big part of neon’s reason for being (although there are ‘white’ ‘neon’ signs), I think the gaseous nature of the glow will work well in monochrome.

I also have my eye on another neon sign, in the same street so look out for that one in the near future. This is the beauty of wandering the streets, there is always something to find and return back for.

Take a look at murpworkschrome to see a the neon sign Good Vibes ‘colour’ photographs I captured…

Peace and photography


A Flash of Early Morning Light

The Early Morning Light

A Flash of Early Morning Light image

I’m often walking through the City, early in the morning and sometimes the light falls and scatters in just the right way.

In this photograph, I love the way that the light looks like its coming from the street lamp and how it scatters across the tarmac. I love how the traffic cone is framed. But then again, that’s just me…


Peace & Photography


Walk Header 10 B+W 1024 image

This is murpworks!

This is murpworks - Walk Header 10 B+W 1024 image

23 July 2017

This is murpworks! mu + rp = works.

murpworks is the creative home of artist mu and writer rp. Together, we make up murpworks (as we go along). mu draws, paints, animates & builds, rp photographs, writes & tries to co-ordinate. There are a whole load of influences – many and varied.

The picture says everything we want it to.

There’s animation in the form of a Walk Cycle, there’s anonymity but also a knowingness, it’s nowhere and everywhere, it’s cluttered but there are clear forms, it’s black and white but appears colourful…

The black and white picture was taken in Warminster, South West UK. It’s location was more quixotic, rather than exotic.


Shadow on the Wall

Shadow on the Wall B+W image

Walking on a sunny day, I pass a shadow on the wall. I return, the shadow’s gone. I can return another day but the shadow will have changed. The angle of the sun will have moved, the leaf pattern from the tree will have changed because it will have grown. It will never be the same again. I like that.

Bristol Street. South West UK.

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Building – It’s Complicated

Building B+W image

I originally called this photo Building. In Street Photography you are told to ‘have people in it’ and ‘simplify the image’. In this one, I’ve done neither. There are no people in it and it’s complicated.

There’s a lot going on; the concrete fluting, the windows in the background, the trees, both in reflection in the windows and on the street to the right and then there are the shadows.

It may not be Street Photography but you can’t say there’s no visual interest 🙂

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All Kinds of Sign

All Kinds B+W image

You can walk past a sign every working day and never notice it. Normally, I’m too busy getting from A to B but with starting from scratch and trying to put myself more into photography, I’m becoming more observant. I walk slower, I look up, I look around…

I saw this sign, bearing no relation to what is currently there. It has clung on, fading as time eats at its presence. There is the cliché ‘the patina of age’ that applies here but I think the Japanese have a better one; Wabi Sabi. I read it as perfection out of imperfection and there is a great article here at

All kinds…

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