Motorcycle and Balloon


Motorcycle image

Sometimes there’s a motorcycle and a balloon. The motorcycle happens to be maroon and the balloon happens to be red. The banality of it compels you to photograph it. The balloon will pop, the motorcycle will be ridden away and this scene will never exactly be seen again.

01 July 2017


The Bridge

Bridge B+W image

When I’m in Norwich with mu (visiting our daughter) we walk into town across this bridge.  It takes us across Grapes Hill. I’m not a big fan of heights but I can handle this. It’s busy, there’s always lots of traffic, it’s very dynamic but this bridge throws you over all that, with its gentle curve. It spans the main road (which would be a nightmare to cross) and bridges the ‘setting off into town’ with the ‘arriving into town’. once across, you’re walking down Upper St Giles Street, which is independent shops selling art, bread, coffee and clothes. I love that street. It’s the bridge that gets me there. Its no Oresund but then again, I certainly don’t want to find a body in the dead middle…

01 July 2017