Jumping Back in to Photography

Jumping back in to photography? Well, how do you start after such a long break? I suppose you just jump right back in. I have been photographing but it’s been a strange time.

My talk about not using my phone in One Last 11 Shot proved premature. I used my iPhone 11 quite a lot, especially on our adventure on the rivers. It proved easy to use the phone and ‘click and shoot’ rather than real photography. I should have used the Ricoh GR III but I didn’t. Well, I did but not exclusively. I have, as of January this year stopped using it. I’m using my Fujifilm X100V.

The Ricoh GR III is an excellent camera, perfect for the street, taking everywhere and a whole lot more. If I had one negative about it, I would sat it was a little small, for my liking. I sold it after realising I hadn’t even switched the X100V on, since I got it. I take it everywhere now and with the start of a new year, I have some projects planned. The X100V is gorgeous both to use and look at. I got the silver one as I invariably get black. I thought a change was in order).

Ely, in East Cambridgeshire will provide the main backdrop to my photography moving forward as that is where mu and I are living. However, Norwich will provide an alternative location. It’s the reason we moved to Ely; to be near family – the nearest point on the river system to Norwich we can get our narrowboat Silverdale. See murpworks Afloat for further details.

I am happy with my first few images but I’m still playing around with the simulations and getting to grips with the buttons and dials. I’m happy after jumping back in to photography.

Short and sweet and just like like that, I’m back in.

Peace and photography