One last 11 Shot

OK, so I said in A New Beginning “…my iPhone 11 but I look to leave this behind and use the GR II exclusively.” but I thought I’d post this one last shot. Well two, actually.

The reason for this is that it is one of those shots where I can’t decide whether it should be in colour or monochrome. So I’m posting both – Street Lines in the Wet

Colour Image

murpworks - murpworkschrome - One last 11 Shot - Street Lines in the Wet colour image

Black and White Image

murpworks - murpworkschrome - One last 11 Shot - Street Lines in the Wet black and white image

The colour image carries important information as it shows the yellow of the line marking and immediately triggers a recognition. The black and white image gives a graphically strong message. The lines being white could work as white lines are used in this context. So, although not conveying the same information as the colour image, it works visually.

I can’t decide between the two. A dilemma for One last 11 Shot.

Peace and photography


Yellow Lines – Two Filter Treatments

No Filter

Yellow Lines - original image

I took this photograph above, the other day. It weather was a dull. It was a snatched photograph. It was one of those photographs you have to do something with. Therein lies the dilemma.

I normally use Lightroom to ‘develop’ my photographs and rarely resort to filters but in this case I did.

Direct Positive

Yellow Lines image

The Direct Positive filter gave the image a bit of punch without over-saturating the image – it says Yellow Lines!

Bleach Bypass

Yellow Lines image

The Bleach Bypass filter says more about the day and less about the yellow lines.

I like both images for different reasons. What it comes down to is mood. Not just the mood of what I’m trying to say but how I’m feeling when I’m trying to say it. I feel filters should be a starting point but these cases I went with ‘as is’. However, I’ve been told there’s no substitute for getting right at the point of shooting 😉

1 August 2017