A Boat Lift Light

murpworkschrome - A Boat Lift Light - Reflection Across the Water I image

A boat lift light shines out denoting the endmost point of a metal structure that dominates the marina. The industrial structure is a simple affair of straps, that can hoist a boat out of the river for servicing. The light is bright but in a wintery evening in February. However, there is very little need to illuminate the lifting of any boat.

It does however present a light source for low light photography.

I captured a minimalist picture of the light from the marina side. Then, after a short walk, a reflection of light across the water. Both from the same boat lift light source.

I like this opportunity to approach the subject from two opposing angles. It’s something to look out for in the future…

Peace and photography


Winter Sunset

murpworkschrome - Winter Sunset - Sunset I crop image

Here in Winter, just shy of latitude 52.398056, it may not be the coldest place in the world but it is cold and the only thing that mitigates it is a beautiful Winter sunset.

The second of February brought wondrous skies and set against the backdrop of the river Great Ouse, I managed to capture something. Orange gave way to magenta in a spectacular fashion…

murpworkschrome - Winter Sunset - Sunset I image
murpworkschrome - Winter Sunset - Sunset VIII image

I’m still finding my way around the Fujifilm X100V but I managed to capture what I wanted; a feel for the Winter sunset. Head on over to murpworkschrome to see more images from the evening. Let me know which one you like best.

Peace and photography