Contact Card

I’m creating a contact card for murpworkschrome.

I don’t think of it as a business card, although I’ll be using Moo Cards and they’re very business focused. I’m keeping it simple . I’ve chosen two of my images; one for each side. Upon deciding, I immediately found another I’d have liked to use. So, it may be the first of many.

There’s a front and a back, a logo and a URL; that’s it!

It’s purpose will be threefold

  • It will point people to murpworkschrome
  • If someone stops me in the street, it could disarm any conflict, ease any tension. I’m very conscious of this when out photographing and you’ll probably notice a lack of people, more often than not anyway
  • It will be something of mine ‘printed out’

The second point was drawn to my attention by Faizal Westcott and watching his YouTube post: Street Photography Tips [Part One]

As I mentioned earlier, it could be the first of many. I like the idea of a changing card; a limited edition run if you will.

Here are the images I chose for the first contact card


murpworkschrome - Contact Card - A Foggy Morning - Marina image
A Foggy Morning – Marina


murpworkschrome - Contact Card - Mist image

I’ll post when I get a copy back from the printers.

Peace and photography