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How it started

I’ve always been a photographer – one who takes photographs. It started at school when I developed a black and white photograph I took of a key and developed it myself.

The first camera I owned was a Pentax K1000. I still have it! Built like a tank; solid and purposeful. It worked in a way that made you think like a photographer. It wasn’t long before I bought a Tamron 70-150 Adaptall-2 zoom and from then on, I took all my photos from a distance. It went on to be used by my daughter and son who both used it for study photography at school. As digital photography rose to prominence, the camera got consigned to its case and put to one side. However, it was the Pentax K1000 that made me feel like a photographer.

I remember purchasing a bridge camera (Minolta) and then trading that up for a Nikon D80 with its zoom lens (again, a photographer from a distance).


I finally started to try and make photography and all-consuming goal and tried to focus. With that in mind, I bought a Nikon Df, in black – it is absolute beauty. I’ve forced myself to stick with the 50mm f/1.8 SE lens and I think it’s starting to work – constraint breeds creativity.

However, the only way to improve is to do more. Take more photographs. I invested in one of the other most beautiful cameras out there – a Fujifilm X-100F, in black. I intended to take it everywhere and never be without it. For a while, I did but I have been evolving and I traded in the Fuji. I had been using a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone but I’ve upgraded this to a Google Pixel 2 and this will continue to play some part in my photographic life, especially in my day to day instagram uploads. I invested in the Sony A7 III, I was caught up in the hype. I had an idea to start videography but I found out, I was a photographer. Also, I had bought a computer, rather than a camera. I upgraded the Pixel 2 for an iPhone which I take everywhere and this is what has been getting the most use.

The Future

So, for the present, the Nikon Df for Nature/Landscape stuff and the Google Pixel 2 for Street/Urban/every day. However, I have big plans. The Sony has pushed me back to the Nikon Df, I have a new found love for it. Moving forwards, I realise, the Nikon simplified things, the Sony complicated things. How do you simplify photography and at the same time, move forward?

Well, I thought it was Leica. For a whole host of reasons, it wasn’t.

I’m simplifying further to a camera I believe will serve my needs. I will be buying a Ricoh GR III. It’s a camera that can always be with me and I’m going to stop using the iPhone.

As always tho’, it’s a case of taking lots and lots of photographs…

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Peace and photography