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Murpworks is mu and rp.
mu draws, paints, animates & creates and rp photographs, writes & tries to plan...

We're starting from scratch to re-boot our creativity. Follow mu's sketches blog and follow rp's Light on a Lens photography blog. Follow Tales from the Bilge our blog about life aboard a narrowboat.

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A Delicate Fantasy

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A Delicate Fantasy - watercolours inspired by flora & fauna, with a delicate fantasy.

Created in mu's studio aboard MIRRLESS; a 1991-built, 58ft traditional narrowboat, living on the waterways, inspires original watercolours of flora & fauna of the British countryside, infused with a delicate fantasy. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror also weave strands into the tapestry of murpworks afloat.

To watercolours...


End of Year - Tales from the Bilge image

'End of a Year'

TALES FROM THE BILGE is a blog about narrowboats.
We’ve bought a narrowboat, doing it up, living aboard, going off-grid (as far as possible) and eventually going to continuously cruise the canal network of England & Wales, visiting interesting and obscure places, both pastoral and industrial.

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Easy Peckings image


EASY PECKINGS is a short animated, pixel film.
Easy Peckings is a short animated film, revealing the real reason why your train is so often delayed. It hi-lights loopholes and the benefits of teamwork. It includes pigeons.

Watch animation...



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