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a story of unimaginable horror, with funny bits - being Part III of what is, The Rising Tentacle.


This story is dedicated to the traveller in all of us.

In memory of H.P.L.


It is only the second day after the terrible abduction of Geo by the winged beast of terror in Bristol as related in ‘Transatlantic Terror’ and Harold, Bernard, Victoria and Carlton are beside themselves. Each has to deal with the issue in their own way but of one thing they are all assured, it is most definitely not cricket and something has to be done about it!

Being Part III of what is

The Rising Tentacle

Chapter 1 - Telegrams And Travel Plans

Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs. Which is fair enough, if you like that sort of thing but what with; your old friend being abducted by some winged beast, the prospect of another long journey by sea and the feeling that something is definitely 'not right' scratching at the back of your mind, pharaohs ranked low in the scheme of things for Harold as he sat pondering the imminent journey he was about to embark upon.

The Avon Hotel had been their home for several days now and whilst a very good one, each person could not help but think of the basic homely things that were missed whist away for any length of time. A small porcelain figure, a favourite jumper, a picture on the wall, all the things one couldn't possibly justify packing for a journey.

[This diabolical story to continue on apace...]

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