murpworks mLogo Text image

The murpworks logo is continually evolving. It reflects what we are thinking and what we are currently doing. Here's a secret history...

murpworks mLogo mAndBee image

The First One
The first mLogo had the m, in a box being carried off by a bee. The bee was an ode the The Green Orchard - a poem that became a website. The trouble with The Green Orchard is that everybody was using the name. There was a bed & breakfast place, a Japanese restaurant, a graphic design company, the list was growing by the minute!

So, we decided to come up with something new and that something new was murpworks.

The m is Helvetica, simple and utilitarian. The m is in a box, constrained. We are all constrained by many and all things in life. Turn that constraint into an advantage. The bee because we are as busy as bees. The bees lived in a hive in the orchard and we grew from there.

murpworks mLogo mAndBee animated image

The Animated One
'and the bee flew away with the m'

murpworks mLogo black image

The Standard One
The black & white standard logo cropped for a new main webpage. Very corporate.

murpworks mLogo grey image

The Grey One
Moving to grey from black was a subtle change but helped key the logo into the webpage background colour change. Still quite corporate. The grey is #5c5c5c.

murpworks mLogo Halloween image

The Halloween One
Classic Halloween - orange and black with a hint of green to complete the pumpkin look.

murpworks mLogo space image

The Space One
Floating in pixel space - in honour of MEET ME AT THE JUMP GATE webcomic (early concept).

murpworks mLogo Christmas image

The Christmas Ones
A 2015 Advent calendar of 24 m's - it was a tall order creating a continuous stream, one after another, day by day, around a single theme but we managed it. In fact we enjoyed it so much, we may try it again one year.

The robin was #3.

murpworks mLogo Alien Planet image

The Alien Planet One
The pink alien planet features in the webcomic - MEET ME AT THE JUMP GATE. This m was created in support of the webcomic and brought in a bit of colour.

murpworks mLogo Deckchair image

The Stripey One
The stripes evoke a deckchair and the seaside. Used to support Beside The Seaside - a seaside side-scroller computer game.

#1 of 4.

murpworks mLogo hatching image

The Hatched One
The hatching take us into the world of art. Fine art - damned fine art!.

murpworks mLogo porthole image

The Porthole One
The porthole was in honour of bringing Nb MIRRLESS back from Northampton to the Kennet & Avon canal. It was an adventurous journey but we made it!

murpworks mLogo the grey one image

The Light Grey One
The light grey one - #cccccc brought a more muted feel to the website. It was continued with the 'murpworks' text in the same colour. The logo also became square.

murpworks mLogo pixel grey image

The pixel grey One
The pixel grey one - We've moved over to a new font to support the pixel aesthetic.

murpworks mLogo pixel pale blue image

The pixel pale blue One
The pixel pale blue one - for the return of Beside the Seaside - a pixel art game.

murpworks mLogo pixel orange image

The pixel Halloween 2020 One
The pixel Halloween 2020 one - A simple pumpkin feel.

murpworks mLogo pixel CYBERSEA image

The pixel CYBERSEA One
The pixel CYBERSEA one - It's currently a secret.