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The Character Shed - sans characters image

The Character Shed
This is The Character Shed - sans characters. The 'Shed' is a piece of pixel art, carried out in Aseprite which houses the characters created. It is based on a 'real' shed, in the garden.

Pixel art has an aesthetic all of its own and although it owes its emergence from the early days of gaming culture, the pixel has transcended this to find favour in music, magazine and Fine Art genres. The continued love of the pixel is in undoubtedly due to nostalgia and the love of the games it evolved from and it is thriving. We also like to think it is, in no small part due the beauty of its creation; one pixel at a time...

Max from MEET ME AT THE JUMP GATE webcomic image

Max from MEET ME AT THE JUMP GATE - an episodic, sci fi, pixel art webcomic set in the far future with Max as the main protagonist. Follow the adventure here ...

Christmas Characters image

Christmas Characters
Some Christmas characters from murpworks' Advent Calendar 2016 ...

Ronald Portrait image

Ronald Portrait
A portrait of Ronald. Pixel work for a character in The Strange Case...

Eagle Chick image

Eagle Chick
Eagle Chick pixel art from Mountaineer.

murpworks Smoking Dragon image

Smoking Dragon
The Smoking Dragon - an entry for one of the 'Secret Seven' competitions.

murpworks m and Bee logo - on the decks image

m and Bee
murpworks' old m and Bee logo.

DJ Woof - on the decks image

DJ Woof - on the decks
DJ Woof is Max's alter ego. Taken from the webcomic Schrödinger's Coffee House - The Coffee Cup of Destiny, Max is the co-protagonist along with Schrödinger the cat. Max will be starring in a new webcomic later this autumn. Check out the webcomic link above for further details...

Cat and Dog image

Cat and Dog
Schrödinger the cat and Max the dog from 'Missing'.

Regiie image

Reggie The Robot - the friendly face of the future.

Freddy image

This watercolour is a crop, taken from a set of illustrations, created as a concept for a children's story.

2 Men In A Boat image

2 Men In A Boat
2 Men In A Boat is a watercolour illustration of two pirates. This image forms part of a series created to illustrate The Mission; a poem about a pirate galleon.

The Rising Tentacle image

The Rising Tentacle
The Rising Tentacle is a story of unimaginable horror, with funny bits. The pencil tentacle reaches out of the mirky depths for its goal. Pray that goal is not you!