The Long Journey Home – Part 11

The Long Journey Home – Part 11

Sunday 10 – Friday 15 June 2018



First day back on dry land for a while. Had to use the time washing clothes, using water that didn’t have to be rationed, using electricity without an inverter and plugging in devices & charging them – just like that! What novel concepts. The ‘shoreline’ hook-up was most welcome 😉

I was able to seek out a pair of emergency jeans and more importantly a pair of emergency pants. But, I think the best thing was having a sink bigger than an eggcup!

I had missed my beloved books but some would make it aboard Mirrless with me. She’ll have an eclectic, well-stocked library – by hook or by cruck! I picked up again reading John Sargent’s book; Barging Round Britain. His section on The Grand Union Canal mentions some of the route we took, albeit in the opposite direction. Weedon, specifically Weedon Bec now makes a lot more sense. It is situated in the centre of England and an ordnance depot was built as a point of defence should Napoleon have invaded. More detail here…

Started to watch The Bridge – Series 4 on catch-up – wow! It’s our favourite Scandi-Noir, police procedural series ever and the haunting theme tune just makes it perfect. No broadband restrictions here 😉


Back to work. Having to get up sooo early is a killer. Really not used to this. Journeys by train – it sounds great but lateness and standing room only make it dire. I had a lot of emails at work. The train was late coming home. Welcome back!


The train again! The week is passing quickly although it is only Tuesday but compared to canaltime, it’s whizzing by. We’re starting to prepare for a return to Mirrless, by train from Warminster. It will involve a walk at the end, quite a long one. The good news is that my Sister-In-Law; Erica has offered to drive us into Warminster, saving us an hour’s walk, before the start of the journey – thanks so much Erica, you’re a star.

Rest of the Week

The Bridge again. The week was punctuated with episodes of The Bridge. The rest of the week blurred. I got on top of the emails and back into work mode but each day was filled with anticipation. Will the boat be alright? Still afloat? Not drifted into the middle of the canal? Intact? Not too many spiders moved aboard? But, most importantly, will the header tank still be holding water? I’ll have to be holding mine until the next blog!

Here ends The Long Journey Home – Part 11

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