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Tales from the Bilge – life aboard a narrowboat

Hi, we’re mu & rp.

Throughout 2018 we lived aboard Nb MIRRLESS. We downsized, spruced it up, and became liveaboards, going off-grid (as far as possible), with an eventual aim of continuously cruising the canal network of England & Wales, visiting interesting and obscure places, both pastoral and industrial.

If you’re interested – jump aboard!

Buy hey! Be careful, the weight distribution’s critical. We’ve a finely tuned ballast 😉

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We eventually sold our boat and went back to land for a time. This was due to changing circumstances.

However, the good news is, we’re buying another to liveaboard. We are finally getting to break the ties with land. It’s going to be fun…

You can follow our ongoing journey in

The Tales of Silverdale – life & times aboard a narrowboat