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Sketching – On Screen and Off

Sketching – on screen and off…

On Screen image

I’ve been busy sketching again – on screen and off screen

I’m trying to find a way of working which combines both watercolour and digital media. I don’t want to work purely in the watercolour medium as, although this will give me something tangible to sell, it is the digital aspect which is going to allow me to promote my work. It will allow me to offer animation, based upon watercolour to prospective Patreons.

This is important, moreso as we move onto our narrowboat – very soon. The sketch above is one based in the garden where we currently reside, sketched on screen and off and features a bucket – I see it as easing me in to being by the water – one bucket at a time πŸ™‚

Check back and see how I’m getting on.




New Sketchbooks Today

I bought some new sketchbooks today – Moleskine Plain Journals

New Sketchbooks Today image
Shiny and new

These will be used; one for new card ideas and the others for general sketching. They’re shiny and new – but not for long…


I’ve been tempted by other brands but I wanted to maintain a continuity. A significant amount of my other sketches are in Moleskines.

You can never have tooo many πŸ™‚



I’m Working on a Range of Cards

Studio - cards I image

It’s on the cards

I’m working on a range of cards, well several actually. The first range is a flower for every month of the year. They are drawn, then inked, then coloured. The photo above shows an advance look at January – Snowdrops. Each card in the range is a plant of the month in terracotta pots.

Exciting Times

A thing I have to think about is moving my ‘Studio’ (such as it is) to a narrowboat as we’re purchasing one and moving onto the canals – exciting times. You can follow the progress over at Tales from the Bilge where rp is currently up to his virtual neck in oil and grease but hopefully not water.

At The Helm image
Me at the helm!



First Kingfisher

Kingfisher - sketchbook image

Until the other, I had never seen a Kingfisher. I’d seen them in book and on nature programs, on TV but never in the flesh (or feather). I’ve been working on a pond in the garden over the last few months and the times paid off. The other morning, on the paving stone, sat a baby Kingfisher!

There are no fish in the pond, so he probably won’t be back but it was a special moment.



Mouse Mystery

Mouse Sketchbook image

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and I was sat out with a cup of tea when something ran, just in the corner of my eyesight. Normally, I would be running for the hills (mice and I have history) but he* wasn’t inside, he was outside. In his domain. Looking closer, the little dishevelled mouse had stopped and was nestled in amongst a tree stump and moss, just stopped and waiting. I think the heat had got to him.

*I call him ‘he’ but I have no way of determining the sex of said mouse πŸ™‚