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I’m Gathering Inspiration – Sights and Sounds

Gathering Inspiration

Gathering Inspiration

I’ve been gathering inspiration from a variety of sources for MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE. As above, a few of them are, as follows

These have been in front of my eyes and ears very recently. I was listening to Babylon 5 in the car on the way back from Bath. Making Comics is a nightly dip in and out of. Fear Agent from Image Comics was suggested by rp as it’s set in space and its a great comicy art style. I read Alien Dust to Dust recently. The cover art work is epic! Space Ritual, the classic Space Rock album – well, we were born to go… Mustn’t forget Kraftwerk. The Man Machine contains the track; Spacelab so very pertinent.

I don’t envisage that MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE will look or sound (ah yes, there will be sound) like any of the above but they are influences.

I’ll share more as we make our way through rp‘s extensive music and comic collection.

It’s a journey I’m on – to the outer planets…


Watercolour Webcomic – work in progress…

Watercolour Webcomic – It’s coming… It’s a thing… But it’s going to take some time…

MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE is an episodic, sci fi, webcomic set in the far future with Max as the main protagonist. It originally started out as a pixel webcomic. We took it so far and then put it on hold but have now resurrected it in watercolour form. We’re currently building the pages and readying for release.

It’s a big undertaking but having a clear understanding of the story is helping.

Max, the main protagonist, a haulage contractor in space. He hauls things from here to there for credits. With a spaceship bristling with Tech, including his trusty ship’s computer, he heads off, little knowing the adventures that are about to befall him.

Oh, did I mention, Max is a dog.


As you can see, the story starts out innocuously enough but there are twists and turns planned that would give a Void Dragon from the Perdio Sector of space a run for its money…

Anyway, here’s a small look at some work in progress – watercolours and the tiniest piece of a webcomic – watercolour webcomic 😉

Watercolour Webcomic - Sneak Peak 1

The image on the left is a piece of the Space Station…


A BIBA State of Mind

A BIBA State of Mind – There’s something about BIBA. Born in the Sixties, evolved in the Seventies but eventually met a demise towards the end of the Seventies. Relaunched and relaunched without founding member; Barbara Hulanicki but eventually she got back in the chair, consulting on the new owner of the brand; House of Fraser.

A BIBA State of Mind image

My daughter recently got married and one of the things I knew I wanted to do was attend the Wedding in a BIBA dress. I wanted a dress I could be proud to wear, for the best Wedding. I got my wish.

A BIBA State of Mind - BIBA Dress image

BIBA state of mind – it was the Rose Printed Velvet Midi Dress – I love it! And most of all? I love that BIBA logo.

We all had a wonderful time but now it’s back to murpworks. I’m fully focussed upon watercolour as my medium of choice and now I’m doubly-focussed on AT THE JUMPGATE. It’s my all-consuming passion, set in the far future, not that that’s any excuse. Intrigued? You can follow the antics of Max & Schrödinger in Meet Me At The Jumpgate – just jump to AT THE JUMPGATE and check back frequently.