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A New Brush Sweeps Clean

They say a new brush sweeps clean but who are they? Anyway, I’m hoping these new brushes help me continue to develop my watercolour painting.

Brush - Brushes image


They’re Daler <> Rowney synthetic Aquafine watercolour brushes, three Round; a 0, a 2/0 and a 2 and one Liner; a 10/0 (it must mean something to someone ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

They bristles are synthetic, so no animals were de-furred in the making of them. I hate the thought of squirrels or boars running around with parts of their ‘coat’ missing. Especially in this cold weather ๐Ÿ™

The brush heads – bristles are very small, which is fine as all my work tends to be tiny – no big swathes of canvas to cover.

Brush - brushes II image

I’m currently thinking about what to paint with them and I’ll update on how I find them once I’ve had a chance to use them in earnest. I need to start something soon as I’d hate to be thought of as someone with ‘all the gear and no idea’ lol!

I found this great article about the antomy of a paintbrush at

I think I’ll go and update my equipment list 🤓 *


*ย  Emojipedia – Nerd Face


Animating with Anime Studio Pro – an approach

I’ve been animating using Anime Studio Pro* and working through the Smith Micro Tutorial.Initially, I just watched the video through and tried to apply it to my work. It helped me to do things; specific tasks but I found that sometimes, I couldn’t repeat them. I re-visited several times but odd intricacies eluded me.

Now, I’m working through the tutorial following exactly and drawing what the tutor is drawing. This is getting me to a point where I can conquer animating with the specifics of this animation package.

The initial dipping in and out was useful because it allowed my initial enthusiasm not to be stifled (it could sooo easily have been). I could see my own work developing, even though I couldn’t understand why some things worked but when I came to repeat the steps, they didn’t. Now, working through the tutorial in detail, I can say the combination of approaches will hopefully see me mastering this software :-).

*Anime Studio Pro is now called Moho (version 12)