A BIBA State of Mind

A BIBA State of Mind – There’s something about BIBA. Born in the Sixties, evolved in the Seventies but eventually met a demise towards the end of the Seventies. Relaunched and relaunched without founding member; Barbara Hulanicki but eventually she got back in the chair, consulting on the new owner of the brand; House of Fraser.

A BIBA State of Mind image

My daughter recently got married and one of the things I knew I wanted to do was attend the Wedding in a BIBA dress. I wanted a dress I could be proud to wear, for the best Wedding. I got my wish.

A BIBA State of Mind - BIBA Dress image

BIBA state of mind – it was the Rose Printed Velvet Midi Dress – I love it! And most of all? I love that BIBA logo.

We all had a wonderful time but now it’s back to murpworks. I’m fully focussed upon watercolour as my medium of choice and now I’m doubly-focussed on AT THE JUMPGATE. It’s my all-consuming passion, set in the far future, not that that’s any excuse. Intrigued? You can follow the antics of Max & Schrödinger in Meet Me At The Jumpgate – just jump to AT THE JUMPGATE and check back frequently.


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