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Give us a Toile

Sometimes you need a rest from sketching, so I thought I’d brush up on an old skill. Dressmaking proved to be a good way of doing just that.

Dressmaking - toile 0 image

I made a toile.

Dressmaking - toile image

A top and a skirt.

Dressmaking - toile I image

Adjusting the waistband.

mu Dressmaking image

I won’t take the idea any further but it was good to do something totally different. The break will bring a fresh perspective to what I’m working on. It all starts with having a clear pattern.

Pattern IV image



2 August 2017



First Kingfisher

Kingfisher - sketchbook image

Until the other, I had never seen a Kingfisher. I’d seen them in book and on nature programs, on TV but never in the flesh (or feather). I’ve been working on a pond in the garden over the last few months and the times paid off. The other morning, on the paving stone, sat a baby Kingfisher!

There are no fish in the pond, so he probably won’t be back but it was a special moment.