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My onion skins won’t behave!

I’ve gone through the tutorial and everything was running sweetly when suddenly, my onion skins weren’t behaving as they should!

No, this wasn’t some culinary disaster, leaving my Mushroom Stroganoff bereft of a key ingredient, the onion skin function in Anime Studio Pro wasn’t doing what I thought it should. So, I’m currently searching through the videos and forums to find out what went wrong. Ooh, it turns out I was using them differently to the way I should – I’m hoping a walk cycle video I found is going to fix it.

Back to the drawing board…

Animating image



Mouse Mystery

Mouse Sketchbook image

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and I was sat out with a cup of tea when something ran, just in the corner of my eyesight. Normally, I would be running for the hills (mice and I have history) but he* wasn’t inside, he was outside. In his domain. Looking closer, the little dishevelled mouse had stopped and was nestled in amongst a tree stump and moss, just stopped and waiting. I think the heat had got to him.

*I call him ‘he’ but I have no way of determining the sex of said mouse 🙂

Animating with Anime Studio Pro – an approach

I’ve been animating using Anime Studio Pro* and working through the Smith Micro Tutorial.Initially, I just watched the video through and tried to apply it to my work. It helped me to do things; specific tasks but I found that sometimes, I couldn’t repeat them. I re-visited several times but odd intricacies eluded me.

Now, I’m working through the tutorial following exactly and drawing what the tutor is drawing. This is getting me to a point where I can conquer animating with the specifics of this animation package.

The initial dipping in and out was useful because it allowed my initial enthusiasm not to be stifled (it could sooo easily have been). I could see my own work developing, even though I couldn’t understand why some things worked but when I came to repeat the steps, they didn’t. Now, working through the tutorial in detail, I can say the combination of approaches will hopefully see me mastering this software :-).

*Anime Studio Pro is now called Moho (version 12)