I’m Gathering Inspiration – Sights and Sounds

Gathering Inspiration

Gathering Inspiration

I’ve been gathering inspiration from a variety of sources for MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE. As above, a few of them are, as follows

These have been in front of my eyes and ears very recently. I was listening to Babylon 5 in the car on the way back from Bath. Making Comics is a nightly dip in and out of. Fear Agent from Image Comics was suggested by rp as it’s set in space and its a great comicy art style. I read Alien Dust to Dust recently. The cover art work is epic! Space Ritual, the classic Space Rock album – well, we were born to go… Mustn’t forget Kraftwerk. The Man Machine contains the track; Spacelab so very pertinent.

I don’t envisage that MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE will look or sound (ah yes, there will be sound) like any of the above but they are influences.

I’ll share more as we make our way through rp‘s extensive music and comic collection.

It’s a journey I’m on – to the outer planets…


Watercolour Webcomic – work in progress…

Watercolour Webcomic – It’s coming… It’s a thing… But it’s going to take some time…

MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE is an episodic, sci fi, webcomic set in the far future with Max as the main protagonist. It originally started out as a pixel webcomic. We took it so far and then put it on hold but have now resurrected it in watercolour form. We’re currently building the pages and readying for release.

It’s a big undertaking but having a clear understanding of the story is helping.

Max, the main protagonist, a haulage contractor in space. He hauls things from here to there for credits. With a spaceship bristling with Tech, including his trusty ship’s computer, he heads off, little knowing the adventures that are about to befall him.

Oh, did I mention, Max is a dog.


As you can see, the story starts out innocuously enough but there are twists and turns planned that would give a Void Dragon from the Perdio Sector of space a run for its money…

Anyway, here’s a small look at some work in progress – watercolours and the tiniest piece of a webcomic – watercolour webcomic 😉

Watercolour Webcomic - Sneak Peak 1

The image on the left is a piece of the Space Station…


Cinema City – Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Cinema City – Neither Wolf Nor Dog – Neither Wolf Nor Dog is the film Directed by Steven Lewis Simpson and is based upon the book of the same name, written by Kent Nerburn.

rp and I went to Cinema City in Norwich on Monday 26 August 2019 specifically to watch Neither Wolf Nor Dog and initially, as you see below there was just us

Cinema City - Neither Wolf Nor Dog

It did fill up later with a few more people.

I believe Neither Wolf Nor Dog is the greatest book written about understanding Native Americans from a non-Native perspective. It helps, in some small way to heal the divide. There is a lot more that needs to be done. In the final analysis, there probably is not enough that can be done. However, watching this film, reading the book or both is something that should and needs to be done by everyone, in my opinion.

An Important Road Trip

The film is set in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation and follows Kent Nerburn, as he is led on a road trip by a Lakota elder and his friend. Nerburn; the author who has been requested to write a book about the Lakota elder’s experiences and perspective on life learns much from this. And in turn, we learn from his experience.

Watch the film, read the book!

ps. Dave Bald Eagle is magnificent.


A BIBA State of Mind

A BIBA State of Mind – There’s something about BIBA. Born in the Sixties, evolved in the Seventies but eventually met a demise towards the end of the Seventies. Relaunched and relaunched without founding member; Barbara Hulanicki but eventually she got back in the chair, consulting on the new owner of the brand; House of Fraser.

A BIBA State of Mind image

My daughter recently got married and one of the things I knew I wanted to do was attend the Wedding in a BIBA dress. I wanted a dress I could be proud to wear, for the best Wedding. I got my wish.

A BIBA State of Mind - BIBA Dress image

BIBA state of mind – it was the Rose Printed Velvet Midi Dress – I love it! And most of all? I love that BIBA logo.

We all had a wonderful time but now it’s back to murpworks. I’m fully focussed upon watercolour as my medium of choice and now I’m doubly-focussed on AT THE JUMPGATE. It’s my all-consuming passion, set in the far future, not that that’s any excuse. Intrigued? You can follow the antics of Max & Schrödinger in Meet Me At The Jumpgate – just jump to AT THE JUMPGATE and check back frequently.


Tate Modern X Leica Store Mayfair

Tate Modern X Leica Store Mayfair Starts

We took an impromptu day out and went up to London to Tate Modern. We’ve not been for a few years now and an injection of art was sorely needed. Actually, if truth be told we went to London to visit the Leica Store Mayfair as rp wanted a fix of extremely expensive but oh, so beautiful and focussed solely upon photography fix but hey, one bird, two stones…

We travelled up in the Space Wagon, our new but old transport which performed admirably – we made the Kessel Run in just under 12 parsecs! We parked in Twickenham and went into Waterloo via train. It was nice to pull into Grimshaw’s station (not actually his you understand, he was just the architect, along with his associates), rp’s a particular fan. It was then into the underground.

Train in Grimshaw's Waterloo Station
Train in the Station

Red Dot

We emerged at Bond Street and headed for Duke Street. We thought we’d take a look at Selfridges. Most of the time we spent inspecting and photographing the outside. We went in (I wrestled with the revolving door) and basically came straight back out again. It felt expensive, looked expensive and probably was too expensive! We revolved straight out. Finally arriving at Duke Street, we headed down the wrong part of it, then headed back in the correct direction and found the hallowed temple of red dot. They actually let us in! rp played around with cameras and lenses, trying to look knowledgeable while I looked around the Leica X Belstaff exhibition. Some documentary photographs showing amazing clarity and I adored the black jacket.

Leica Store Mayfair

With rp’s photographic needs sated we headed off to Tate Modern, by way of Pret A Manger and their vegetarian New Yorker on Rye which I can thoroughly recommend. We bounced around the underground once more and finally emerged, pinball like at Westminster. This allowed us to make for St. Paul’s and eventually find our way to the Millennium Bridge. I never tire of crossing this Norman Foster bridge as the first time we attempted it, it had just opened but was closed due to wobbling!

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is a masterpiece of design, housing the periods of art we love. It’s a repurposed building and the vastness of the turbine hall always brings awe to a visit. We spent time on the Blavatnik side as opposed to our normal side of choice; the Natalie Bell. We even bought a map. The Blavatnik Building has steps and windows that are a street photographer’s dream; harsh sunlight throwing industrial shafts of light and shadows, just begging visitors to walk into and be snapped for posterity.

Tate Modern – The Turbine Hall

Ana Lupas’s The Solemn Process and Explore Art and Activism through Bloomberg Connects were two pieces that caught our attention. There were many others but I could easily spend a whole day at this place. In fact, we’ve decided to visit once a month taking in Tate Modern and one or two other things the capital has to offer.

No day would have been complete without visiting the Café or shop (or shops as there are several). rp bought a book on photography and I bought a tote Tate bag 😉

Cafe View

Our Tate Modern X Leica Store Mayfair day was a great success and we ended it in Shoreditch with Tim (our son). Got to see Hirst’s formidable Cock and Bull formaldehyde work at the Tramshed. We ate Vegetarian!

Cock and Bull

* Photos by rp


The Circus Comes to Town

The Circus Comes to Town. Today, rp and I went to see Sharmanka Travelling Circus – a performing mechanical theatre by artist and inventor Eduard Bersudsky.

It was the last day of the exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath and I’m so glad I caught this fantastical delight. The body of work are kinetic sculptures, set to music and lighting.

Theatre and animation mixed with humour and strangeness in equal measure to create a magical performance. Titles of the individual pieces, such as Swinging Big Ben, The Bird’s Tower and Eternal Triangle of Love gave a feel of what to expect.

You can follow up on Eduard Bersudsky at www.sharmanka.com

meanwhile, take a look at the photo’s rp took

A Magical Delight

Sound and Colour

Full of Characters

Mechanical Mood


Back to Our Future

Back to Our Future - mu old photo

Going back to our future.

rp took this photograph of me many years ago, when we first met, in the ’80s.

It captures an essence of what was important then and is important now, namely; I’m painting and rp is photographing.

We’ve managed in some form or another to keep these two things going to a greater or lesser extent, over a period of many years. It is now that we are focussing on what we want to do. I’m developing A Delicate Fantasy; a website to showcase my watercolour work and rp is developing murpworkschrome; a website to showcase his photography.

The photo was taken on Pentax K1000 on black and white film but the exact details are lost in time.

We’re going back to our future…


Photographer’s Assistant

This morning I became a photographer’s assistant. I say this morning but I’m sure it was the middle of the night. It was certainly early, for me 🙂

Photographer's Assistant
‘Pack Mule’

It entailed a lot of hanging about. I wish I had brought my sketchbook and a flask of something warm. I hadn’t even had my morning cup of tea before I was dragged out into an early misty morning.

The morning was beautiful though. It was silent and with the mist, it gave the woodland an ethereal feel. It was very peaceful. Although we were up early, we had missed the Dawn Chorus (so it couldn’t have been that early).

Don’t look too closely at the photo, I don’t look my best first thing in the morning, before that first cup of tea 🙂

The next time I’m a photographer’s assistant, I intend to be more prepared…


Here Be Dragons

Here be dragons – my website A Delicate Fantasy is up and running. It’s here you’ll be able to see all my watercolour output.

My latest completed piece of work is Dragonboat – it’s a piece that’s going to represent what A Delicate Fantasy is all about and it will be the jump-point from murpworks.

Dragonboat - Here be dragons

I live on a narrowboat – MIRRLESS keeps murpworks afloat

On the canal network of England & Wales, there are many narrowboats of many sizes and styles but the ones that stand out for me and inspire me are not necessarily the pristine vessels of immaculate pedigree. No, it’s the ones, packed to the gills with paraphernalia along the lengths of their roofs. The liveaboad’s boats, who carry all they need to exist. It struck me that the tarpaulin-covered vessels looked like they were transporting dragons.

Check out A Delicate Fantasy because Here be dragons


Bookmarks for Books

I’ve created some output – the Books range of Bookmarks.

murpworks Book Bookmarks image

I’ve finished the first range of watercolour Bookmarks. The range is intuitively called Books 😉

Each bookmark was inspired by a love of books. There’s A Stack of Books, The Book Table, The Bookcase, A Quill and Mouse Books.

They’re held in Glassine (it’s the technical term for shiny paper) to protect them from the elements (and grubby hands) so you’re not getting to see them at their best.

rp & I are in the process of sourcing a printer to get some really good quality prints we can put up on Etsy, where they will be available to purchase. We have a printer in mind and will hopefully have something sorted by the end of the month. Once printed, we’ll open up shop.

The Books Bookmark range is the first for A Delicate Fantasy
the watercolour work of artist mu (that’s me).

Watercolours inspired by flora & fauna, with a delicate fantasy.

Hope you like the preview…