Scuba Do

Just a quick little build of 60090 (which is now retired)

LEGO City Box  back 60090

Back of Box


LEGO City Booklet 60090

60090 Booklet

LEGO City Minifigure Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver Minifigure


Scuba Diver I

Seaweed, Scuba Scooter, Scuba Diver Minifigure and Octopus


Scuba Diver II

The Scuba Scooter


LEGO City Deep Sea Scuba Scooter 60090




House – Chapter I – The Strange Case…

Some early concept shots of Arthur’s house from Chapter I of The Strange Case…

It’s obviously going to evolve a little but it’s starting to feel right. It’s a substantial residence that Arthur lives in, inherited from his father when he passed away, approximately two years ago. Formal, well appointed and tasteful.


House - Chapter I - The Strange Case...

Up the Garden Path


House - Chapter I - b - The Strange Case...

Looking Down


Through the front door and into the Hallway. The chequer floor originally started out as single 1×1 tiles but were increased to 4 1×1 tiles to get the scale coverage. We will probably go with 4×4 tiles to give a ‘cleaner’ Marble floor effect rather than the ‘mosaic’ effect seen here.

Floor - House - a - The Strange Case...

Overhead View of Tiled Floor


Floor - House - The Strange Case...

Open Door