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Akira 1 front cover image

Akira 1 - epic comics printing

I’m going to watch Akira on DVD tonight as it’s Boxing Day and I’m off work. It feels like a very Christmas thing to do.

I bought my son #2 & #3 Akira Trade Paperbacks for Christmas, I couldn’t get hold of #1, Forbidden Planet was out of stock. No problem as I knew I had #1 in my comic book collection somewhere and I was going to ‘donate’ it to this (un)worthy cause ;-)

Akira epic comicsUpon digging it out from one of my many comic boxes this morning, it transpires it’s the epic comics printing – in full colour! A thing of beauty, it truly is! I will let him read it, just so long as he’s wearing white gloves, a respirator mask and turns the pages with tweezers. It wil then have to back into a hermetically sealed bag (although God knows where I’ll be able to hire a Hermit from at Christmas!).

I also unearthed #1, #4 – #8, #10 – #11, #20 – #21, #23, #26 – #30 of the epic comics original comic books – also in full colour! The covers are amazing, especially #5 – Kaneda on red bike, #6 – shooting, #8 – big gun, #10 – Akira, #21 – written in blood.

I remember going to see the film on its original arthouse release in Bristol and being absolutely blown away with it. It is one of the few stories that works amazingly as a story and as a film, both are amazing. Throughout the years I’ve managed to collect a few pieces but it’s not an easy thing to do on no budget! The latest thing I added to my collection was AKIRACLUB published by Titan Books.  [  Halcyon Realms - AKIRACLUBCyberpunk Review - AKIRACLUB ]

Katsuhiro Otomo‘s other works are also fascinating. For example, his work for Nissin Cup NoodlesFeedom Project, although not available on region 2 DVD can be viewed online. Amazing artwork again, I just love the NASA-style spacesuits. And the buggies!

The Halcyon Realms blog is by a guy that worked on it – very cool!

I started collecting/reading The Legend of Mother Sarah but never got to the end so I’m going to try and track down the trade paperback. Tunnel Town‘s available. Just reading the press blurb sends shivers down your spine and adrenaline coursing through your veins…

Domu: A child’s Dream deals with similar fare to Akira although a earlier work. I have  book one (another unrealised reading thread) and I love the cover of a jolly fat man bouncing out of the page (I always judge a book by its cover)…

The Manga Critic reviews it here…

Now, enjoy much Akira-ness

I love this image of Akira sat on his concrete ‘throne’ supported by red kanji characters (epic comics)

Akira 1 back cver image

Akira 1 epic comics - back

Akira models distributed in North America by Diamond Comic Distributers, Inc

Akira model box front image

Akira model distributed by Diamond Comic

Classic bike image. The model is actually Akira on his concrete ‘throne’. I haven’t opened it as I don’t want to ruin it. Mybe one day…

Akira model box back image

Akira model distributed by Diamond Comic

If only I could get the set!

Is this not the coolest image? It opens up! I’d show you but I’d have to kill you

Pill Akira model box insert image

Pill insert from Akira model box

I remember getting to the cinema early and standing outside and hearing this drumming  sound. I thought it was for another film that was playing in the cinema complex. People left the cinema to it. I remember doing the same. Magical! (1993 Demon Records Ltd – DSCD 7)

Akira CD Soundtrack front image

Akira original Japanese Soundtrack CD front image

Akira CD Soundtrack open image

Akira Original Japanese Soundtrack CD open image

Akira CD Soundtrack back image

Akira Original Japanese Soundtrack back image

I managed to get these trading cards from a fair I went to a few years back. They were the only ones available (1994 Cornerstone Communications, Inc)

Trading Cards 1 front image

Akira Trading Cards 1 - front

Trading Cards 1 ack image

Akira Trading Cards 1 - back

Trading Cards 2 front image

Akira Trading Cards 2 - front

Trading Cards 2 back image

Akira Tading Cards 2 - back

Akira 2019 has all of them here…

[ Akira2019BlueBlade AkiraIMDb ]


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