What’s In a Name?

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The Boat with no Name

What’s In a Name?

You may be wondering about all this talk of Mirrless, especially after my previous posts discussing the naming of the narrowboat in Hold the Front Page & The First Thing. I’ll try and explain. Get a cup of tea or coffee (or something stronger), you’re going to need it.

In Name Only

We spent a lot of time coming up with a unique name for our narrowboat and I mean, a lot of time. If you recall (see above), we had originally planned on calling the boat Out of the Blue until we found several others named that. We wanted to come up with something unique if at all possible.

After much thought we amended this slightly to Out of the Mist and we were happy with it as a name. It was a bit ethereal, a bit more allied to the earth. It was us. However, that was until we arrived at the marina to take possession.

A Narrowboat Named Mirr-something

The narrowboat is named Mirrless. Well, it’s not actually named Mirrless, it’s named Mirrlees, on the side of the boat. But it is actually called Mirrless because that is the name under which the marina have sold it to us. It is registered with the Canal and River Trust as such. But every time you look at the boat, you see Mirrlees.

Confused? Yes, thought so.

At the marina, talking with the sales crew, engineers and electricians they all talk of Mirrless (I’m not sure it’s all favourable now, after all the time they’ve spent on it but more of that in a later blog). In fact, I feel there are very few people on the marina who will not be aware of Mirrless. It has been given a totally new lease of life here.

But What Does it all Mean?

What does Mirrlees mean? What does Mirrless mean?

Well, Mirrlees means I have psychic power! I may have but it must be only a small amount 😉 It also is the name of a Scottish Economist and an engine; the Mirrlees Blackstone. There is also an author called Hope Mirrlees who wrote a very early fantasy story.

Mirrless is a little more difficult to track down. Did I say little? I’m sorry, I meant impossible. A Google search defaults to Mirrlees which is less than helpful as it’s how we got into this problem in the first place. You read the names interchangeably in your mind, thinking one is the other. You also get all the results for mirrorless! Google also confuses as a link to Hope Mirrless turns out to be a transcription error for Hope Mirrlees!

Mirrless? The only thing I can find is The Mirrless Works Band on Spotify

It’s a brass band. It’s Northern, celebrates the good honest people of the Mirrless factory and they won an award back in the mists of time (’70’s).

I Name This Boat

The narrowboat will remain named Mirrless. What can I say? It’s certainly unique!


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