We Are Talking Morse Code

Talking Morse Code

Morse - creamtone image

Aboard our narrowboat, there are lights, switches and buttons of whose functions we have no idea. We do however know what the above lever does.


Morse Throttle

It’s a throttle. In fact, I believe it is a Teleflex Morse single lever, with dual action for operating both the throttle and the gear shift. I think it’s an Ultraflex B85 because I found one remakably like it on a New Zealand marine website.

I don’t have to tap it with short and long taps, nor is it in anyway linked to the musings of John Thaw in Colin Dexter’s creation in Oxford. It actually links through to a cable on the other side of the board it’s mounted on and controls the speed in both forward and reverse motion. A Narrowboat only has forward and reverse gears and travels at approximately 4mph. It is in neutral in the upright position. See, I almost appear knowledgeable about such things 😉

dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot


rp – peace and narrowboats

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