The Navigator’s Log – final entries – Hic Sunt Dracones

Navigator’s Log – final entries – Hic Sunt Dracones

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Navigator’s Log – Day 9 Since Making Way

It’s been days now since we were becalmed. We had made good headway, out from port and the crew had been in good spirits. After a few days, a dark mass of cloud, tinged with a green of the deep water had built and although a ways off, it seemed to follow at our backs, as if driving.

It was the Narwhals that first alerted us to the fact that something was wrong. They headed, en masse ahead of the boat and soon outdistanced us. I had never seen so

many together. The cold then came. It seemed to creep across the water, brought by no wind, for it had dropped. It ate into our bones like some kind of sickness and with that cold, came fear.

Navigator’s Log – Day 10 Since Making Way

A flock of birds passed overhead, high today.They move at speed, as if fle

eing but then, without warning, one by one they fell from the sky. Several landed on the deck and upon inspection, were found to be distorted and rotting. A foul unnatural smell issued form their putrefying bodies. I got the crew to swab them overboard but the deck boards were stained and the smell remained. The fear is mounting.

Navigator’s Log – Day 10 Since Making Way

We are becalmed in the middle of nowhere. The compass spins continuously and

unnaturally and we have no way of knowing in which direction to head, even if we could make way. I got the bosun to try to take depth soundings but to no avail. The line tangles around a green/blue bloom that is developing in the water and he cannot make any depth. Some of the crew have become ill; vomiting and cramping and then frothing at the mouth. After this a listlessness has come upon them that no encouraging or cajoling can address.

Navigator’s Log – Day 10 Since Making Way – supplemental entry

I have released extra rations of rum in a vain attempt to boost morale. I fear it will have little effect in these strangest of circumstances.

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Navigator’s Log – Day 11 Since Making Way – supplemental entry – afternoon

The lighting is now failing and it is early yet. Several of the sick crew members have died, most of the others are gripped by a fearsome dread. There is a sound, a deep thumping that seems to emanate from the deep. The bosun says it may be the giant Kraken but I fear it is something far worse.

Navigator’s Log – Day 11 Since Making Way – supplemental entry – evening

With so few crew left it is impossible to post an effective watch. It was a scream that awoke me from my daze (I could not truly sleep) and I feared that a man had jumped overboard but upon closer inspection, something had clearly dragged the poor soul to his death in the cold deep. I saw several other similar marks at points of missing men. The thumping continues. Maybe it is the giant beast; the Kraken, I know not. I have brought all the men into my cabin. We sit and wait. I feel there will be no rescue for us. I hope this ship’s log makes it back to warn others to avoid this area.

Navigator’s Log – Day 11 Since Making Way – supplemental entry – night

The thumping is louder. The cold bites ever deeper. I hear slithering and a cracking of wood above us – Hic Sunt Dracones

This is our end…

Navigator's Log - Logbook I image

Imray produce the Navigator’s Log Book.


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