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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…

“Not you Sir, we have to swap yours out!”

Heart of the Beast IV image

So, while we had hoped to have been out on the cut tomorrow, we’re taking a pause for breath – the marina is replacing the engine. They are replacing it with a reconditioned one, with full warranty and they’re sourcing it from the same place the River Canal Rescue people source theirs from! That must be good.

We Are Sailing Waiting

We have to wait a little longer but I will get a firm date early this coming week but it will most likely be Friday 11 May. This means we will travel up to Northamptonshire on the Thursday and take a handover on the Friday.

It could however be earlier, so stay tuned…

Replacing Engines

Why the engine replacement? I think the technical term used was that it was Cream Crackered. It is also going to be lowered in the engine bay and properly mounted (stop sniggering at the back!).

In the past, engines were placed on blocks of wood but proper engine mountings are required now. Ours was on blocks. These will be removed and there’s some re-fitting of the engine bay required and it will then be placed on engine mountings.

All in all, this is great news for us. We will receive a vessel that is going to be able to withstand the rigours of liveaboard and cruising the cut.

The Beast

I will be sad to see this beast go

Engine - Heart of the Beast VI - 1920x1440 image

(It was one of my favourite photos) but I’ll post the new engine in all its painted (yes, it will be freshly painted) glory.

In summary, a little more waiting but that just means we have a little more time for preparation. The question is, can you really prepare for something as momentous as this? I finished a book this Friday – The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch  and it’s going to be recycled! Preparation indeed.


rp – peace and narrowboats

What Do We Actually Know?

The Narrowboat – what do we actually know?

A lot’s been said already about this narrowboat; in passing, in dispatches, in the Queen’s speech, in-uendo but what do we actually know? What are the facts?

  1. The narrowboat exists – we know this because we have seen photographs of it and unless I’m really, really good at Photoshopping, which I’m not, then we have to believe they are genuine and a boat of said photographs exists [see first post]
  2. It needs stuff doing to it – the survey revealed this and was discussed at length here
  3. The boat’s not here – it’s up in Whilton, in Northamptonshire being looked after by the lovely people at Whilton Marina
  4. It’s light and airy – this is what attracted us to it in the first place


Do We Know Any More?

So far, so good but here’s a little bit more. It has an engine! Yes, no trying to source a horse to pull it through the canals of England and Wales and no ‘legging’ it through tunnels for us. We have BMC Leyland 1.5 Diesel engine that delivers 38 hp. Just imagine 38 horses roped to the front (sorry bow) of the boat, running at full pelt!

Know - Heart of the Beast V image
Heart of the Beast

It’s a beauty – it looks cool and all kind of enginy.

OK, I know what you’re all thinking at this stage; cool? enginy? These adjectives don’t immediately inspire confidence and knowledge in the combustion engine department. I suppose I have to admit, although I can spell mekanic, sorry mechanic, it’s just I’m a bit challenged in the oil and engineering department. But I’m willing to learn. I’m keen, I have to be. I have to drive it away in approximately 10 weeks time as that’s when it will be ready!

Switches Everywhere!

The only other tidbit I can impart about her/him/it [delete as appropriate] is there’s this panel and it’s full of switches. There are hundreds of them It’s going to be like starting up a 747!

Know - Panel image
All systems operational

More importantly tho’ is the Bilge Pump. Seaworld – sounds like it controls the gate to an underwater cage where the Killer Whale comes out to entertain the crowds. Can’t wait to flick that switch!

As I learn more, you’ll here it here first…


rp – peace and narrowboats