Upholstery Class – Session 3

Attended Upholstery Class – Session 3 this Tuesday

I got to the session this week but guess what? I forgot my glasses! I had to feel my way around the chair via the staples, by hand. Yes, there were still more to remove (see last week’s blog). Will this ever end?

Session 3 - upholstery II image

Spring is in the Air

The weather was better and it almost felt like Spring was in the air. Just for a few hours, then it had gone again. Chased off by the Beast from the East’s younger brother no doubt.

Talking of spring, that was my next task after I had finally pulled the last staple. I had to start lashing down the springs which involves untying and re-seating them. They are a bit lumpy. They are however, tied down with a complicated knot, which I tried to fathom out but it got the better of me (especially without my glasses).  Even a bit of internet search afterwards did knot help this time.

Anyway I left, knot knowing whether I would be able to lash the springs down. A thorny problem I’ll leave until next week.

Now, where did I put my glasses?

(They were in my bag the whole time – I never actually forgot them 😖*)


*Emojipedia – confounded face



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