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A Second Mouse sketch image

A Second Mouse
Pencil sketch of a second mouse in the garden (you'd think we were overun!). This smaller, cute mouse just sat amongst a pile of bricks, watching.

July 2017.

A Mouse sketch image

A Mouse
Pencil sketch of a mouse in the garden. It was nestled in amongst a tree stump and moss. It was a hot day and it just sat there.

July 2017.

The View sketch image

The View from Here
I spend a lot of time waiting at the station to pick up rp. It's fine, it gives me time to sketch and ponder. The crows have a better view than I ever do. They have a better vantage point.

June 2017.

Gypsy Rose sketch image

Gypsy Rose
There's a Gypsy Rose growing at the side of the oil tank in the garden. Every year it blooms profusely.

April 2017.

The Oldest Coffee House sketch image

The Oldest Coffee House
Coffee House in Bristol at St. Nicholas Market.

April 2017.

Leaves sketch image

A sketch of leaves from in the garden.

April 2017.