From the journey into work , to the station. The train now standing…

Platform I3 B+W image

Platform 13

Behind Platform 13 is about to be transformed after years of neglect. There’s something fitting about this image to me – everything stripped away…

Platform 11 B+W image

Platform 11

The industrial grime of the railway line is brought out, while everyone walks away…

Platform 9 B+W image

Platform 9

I see the Sans Serif boldness stands out against encroaching grime and flaking paint…



Architectural Feel

I took these photographs on the way to and from work. Each have architecture as the subject but each very different. They show the diversity of styles that a City can house.

Pillar - University of Law image

Pillar of Law


Archway image

‘Scandinavian’ Archway


Almost Bauhaus - colour image

Almost Bauhaus


Shadowed Concrete and Glass image

Shadow on Concrete and Glass

Although each image is very unique and different, they form a cohesive whole that is Bristol.