From the journey into work , to the station. The train now standing…

Platform I3 B+W image

Platform 13

Behind Platform 13 is about to be transformed after years of neglect. There’s something fitting about this image to me – everything stripped away…

Platform 11 B+W image

Platform 11

The industrial grime of the railway line is brought out, while everyone walks away…

Platform 9 B+W image

Platform 9

I see the Sans Serif boldness stands out against encroaching grime and flaking paint…



Architectural Feel

I took these photographs on the way to and from work. Each have architecture as the subject but each very different. They show the diversity of styles that a City can house.

Pillar - University of Law image

Pillar of Law


Archway image

‘Scandinavian’ Archway


Almost Bauhaus - colour image

Almost Bauhaus


Shadowed Concrete and Glass image

Shadow on Concrete and Glass

Although each image is very unique and different, they form a cohesive whole that is Bristol.



A Flash of Early Morning Light

The Early Morning Light

A Flash of Early Morning Light image

I’m often walking through the City, early in the morning and sometimes the light falls and scatters in just the right way.

In this photograph, I love the way that the light looks like its coming from the street lamp and how it scatters across the tarmac. I love how the traffic cone is framed. But then again, that’s just me…


Peace & Photography


Save the Children – Cream Teas

Sign image

Save the Children

Throughout the summer months, at a farm in Hill Deverill, Wiltshire people give up their time to create Cream Teas (and bake cakes and savouries) to raise money for Save the Children. Hill Deverill Farm is a beautiful setting, with a barn for the teas and gardens to explore or sit out in when the weather’s fine.

The following images show the beautiful setting for the day

Window - Hill Deverill Farm image

Window – Hill Deverill Farm


Butterfly on Buddleia I image

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on Buddleia


Pots on the Wall I image

Pots on the Wall


In the Greenhouse image

In the Greenhouse

Save the Children



SIX FOUR by Hideo Yokoyama

SIX FOUR - Hideo Yokoyama image

Just finished reading SIX FOUR by Hideo Yokoyama – a police procedural crime novel set in Japan. A slow burn masterpiece. Outstanding! I will unreservedly recommend this book to anyone. It is one of the best novels I have ever read – I place it in my Top 5.